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Week 2: December 28, 2009 – January 4th, 2010


Bust 38.5 / Chest 33.75 /Waist 33 /Hips 39.5 / Thighs 23.5 / Weight 143.5

I didn’t have any help so I skipped the neck and bicept measurements, the measuring tape kept slipping around and wouldn’t have been accurate anyhow.  Maybe next week I’ll get it in.



I checked the scale twice, that day and the next just to be sure…it was true, I was back where I started – The Christmas add on didn’t stick. Whew. I am very pleased with these results.

**Bios Life Slim and Unicity Corporation say that one should not expect results for up to 3 months but that many if not most will see results in the first six weeks.

Considering this is week 1, I’m pretty psyched!  Here are a few more things I’m psyched about..

1. I AM SOOO NOT HUNGRY! – If you know me at all, you’ll be in shock and awe.  EVERYBODY who knows me knows I’m ALWAYS hungry.  I’ll eat a huge breakfast thinking it will hold me till lunch and what happens? an hour later I’m ravenous.  I can pretty much eat non stop all day and all night.   If you’re feeling like going out to eat and want company, you can always call me.

I get this question all the time ” I was thinking about heading over to such and such restaurant for a bite to eat, are you hungry?”

Whats the answer?  All toghther now…

“Hell yeah, I’m Always hungry!!”.

And off we go. So if you don’t already know me, now you get the picture.

Add to my ravenous nature the fact that I spend most of my day sitting in a trolley car surrounded by muffins and that the trolley car is parked directly in front of a taqueria As you can imgine, we’ve got a little eating problem on our hands.

Folks I’d like you to understand that there is  one more level to this little scenario. OK?  Being hungry all the time is a real struggle.  On top of being raised staring at super skinny super models all over every magazine and television ad or show like the rest of modern women, and in addition to being born with an hour glass genetic code to a mother who was often referred to as “built like a brick shithouse”, I was also raised Catholic.  If you weren’t, you may not understand the pure GUILT that is bred in to Catholics (unless you were raised Jewish, and then you might have a pretty good Idea), needless to say its torture.

I sit there all day trying to convince myself why I WILL NOT eat another muffin, or taco, or french fry, or entire lunch but because i’m always hungry it never works. So then I snack.  I pull off just a little bit of muffin.  Maybe just half the top of one…and I’ll eat that. WHAM! The guilt sets in.  ARRRGGHHH!!! What is wrong with me? I know I shouldn’t eat the muffin!!! I don’t NEED to eat the muffin, I just ate a taco.  Don’t I know how many calories are in the muffin?  (The answer is yes, I’ve done all the nutritional lables on all the muffins)  I KNOW what the muffins TASTE LIKE don’t I?  NO MORE MUFFINS YOUNG LADY. I am surely going straight to hell for being a glutton.  Ugh.  I get that pang in my heart, I swallow the muffin top, and I throw the rest away.  Next step, pull the other half out of the trash, rinse and repeat!!!

You think I’m kidding.

Now, how do you think it makes me feel to NOT BE HUNGRY?!?!?!!?

Folks, this is pure elation.  E. LaY. SHUN!!!

2. SUGAR CRAVINGS STOP.  I don’t even want the damn muffin. 🙂

3. (kids cover your ears and say la la la la la) THE POOPING IS PHENOMENAL.  I know thats gross.  I’m not a big fan of fecal discussion but it has to be said.  This is the craziest side effect ever, and I’m not one who really struggles in this department.  I know a lot of people do and I feel sad for them. All that aside, in the first week of taking the slim, I have become the best Pooper ever.  I think I loose three pounds every time I go, twice a day – sometimes thrice, and if I’m not, it feels like I am and that is good enough for me.  I would rather feel slim than actually be slim. Seriously, its true.

Here’s a little side note in the bowel function department.

**Be sure to drink a lot of water while you’re taking the slim. I’ve discovered that will make this process easier , and it says so on the instructions.

Now I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  I am totally convinced my Dad was right, this is a really great product. My conviction at this point  is mainly based on the pooping, I have to admit, Sorry, but its true. That and the measuring tape seems to be stretching a little or I’m shrinking.  I’m not convinced I haven’t screwed up the measuring process at this point so I’m gonna base my joy on tthe lack of hunger and increased bowel performance.

It was this week that I began sounding like an infomercial – it was also this week that my first friend asked how they could get some .

You know what happens next….

I become a bios life slim distributor…throwing back into my own face all the years of hating on network marketers.   I feel good about it.  This is a product I believe in.  You can bet your Ass on that one!

— Love Ya – Skinny Kari


{January 21, 2010}   Week 1 – Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

So Week one was December 21, 2009 – December 27, 2009



BUST – 39  / CHEST – 34  / WAIST – 34.5  / THIGHS – 23.5

CALF – 15.5  / BICEPT – 12  / NECK – 12.75  / WEIGHT – 143.5 (keep in mind that I’m 5 foot 2)

Right, so there you have it.  I was pretty hesitant about posting all my stats.  Not really something I want to share.  I remember taking these measurements 10 years ago and the difference is pretty significant.  Do you remember the song “Baby’s got back” by Sir Mix A Lot ?  From the 90’s?  Here’s a little quote from it.

Baby got back!
Yeah, baby … when it comes to females, Cosmo ain’t got nothin’
to do with my selection. 36-24-36? Ha ha, only if she’s 5’3″.

The reason I quote this song now is because that’s what I was then.  I remember thinking..HA!  Thats me! and not being super thrilled about it even then.   So here it is ten years later and my waist is up 10.5 inches!!! Are you kidding me?  So not diggin it.  Bust and Hips are up only 4 so not as bad there.   I’m really looking forward to losing those extra accumulated inches.

Now back to the task at hand.  I started taking the slim the week of Christmas.  This was not so much a good plan for me.  My Dad had started taking his the week of Thanksgiving and not only didn’t gain any weight but actually LOST some, so I was feeling a little confident, – Cocky even.  WRONG!! Bad Idea.  What a waste of perfectly good product.

Here’s where I went wrong.

1. I gorged myself.  We probably ate 5 lbs of cookies at least.  Norman’s sister gave us all a box of homemade cookies for our gifts.  Norman’s other sister made an uber delicious doughy cake filled with pastry creme. The neighbors brought over a huge tin of cookies.  Norman’s dad made dark chocolate stuffed with nuts.  We picked up Tamales at the Dallas Tortilla Factory on the way and ate them for breakfast EVERY morning with EGGS. Ugh…the list goes on.

2. I drank too much.  We drank spiked egg nog at breakfast, beer at lunch and wine at dinner.  Not to mention the occasional whiskey and coke for a special treat.  NOT A GOOD PLAN.

3.  It was cold – I sat on the couch.  Once I walked 3 houses down to visit Tina and Gabby…when I got there, I ate a cheeseburger even though I wasn’t hungry.  Later I walkeed back. So worn out from the long journey I had a cookie and a beer.

4. I took the slim wrong.  Once a day, at different times.  Sometimes not at all, then twice one day.

When I got home I weighed and measured.

I gained 3 pounds!  Checked again the next day…yep…Up three pounds.  Shit!

Measurements pretty much remained the same.  Sucks.

So ok, this slim is pretty awesome I must say but it doesn’t work if you don’t take it.   This is not a miracle from God folks, just good sound science.  The next update will show you more.  Scroll down for pics of my original measurements and size.

So to sum it up for ya, If you think you’re gonna lose weight gorging on tamales and booze while taking your slim incorrectly you’ll be

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

Love Ya,

Skinny Kari

The Basics

Bios Life slim is a natural fat loss product produced by a company called Unicity.  Unicity has been around for 30 years.  Slim has been around for 1 year or so I guess.   The original product that slim is based on is called Bios Life,  you can still get that but frankly this new stuff is better.  Bios Life was created to help an ailing population deal naturally with issues like hight cholesterol, high triglicerides and diabetes.  Bios Life Slim continues to help solve those problems, additionally it solves an even greater problem thats plaguing this nation and many others, Obesity.  If you want to learn more about the company or the products, or you’d like to buy them, you can follow any of the links listed under the About Bios Life Slim Category tag on this blog or visit

This Blog.

I’ve started this blog for myself, my friends, my family and now my customers to follow my progress using and selling bios life slim. If you don’t know me, I welcome you to follow along and maybe become a member of one of the aforementioned categories. I look forward to your commentary and questions. You can learn more about me and how I got started with Bios Life Slim by reading my about page.

Today is January 17, 2010, Tomorrow will be the completion of only my third week using Bios Life Slim.  As you will read in my next posts, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product, at least so far.   In only 3 weeks my enthusiasm alone has gotten me, a franchise, 4 customers and a new franchise owner beneath me.  I am not a sales person by nature.  Ask anybody.  Tomorrow I intend to write 3 blog updates.  The first will be about how I took the products wrong the first week and how they did nothing – this post will include my original measurements, and photos.  The second blog will be my first REAL week on Slim using it correctly – sorry I didn’t take pictures, but it will include measurements.  The third will include this weeks progress and measurements and any other thoughts and tips I have.

There will be at least 3 categories to this blog.

1. My personal fat loss progress, thoughts and tips about using slim.

2. My business progress.

3. Getting to know me, random thoughts, how my life is going etc.

Enjoy!  Please subscribe to my blog and follow along with my progress, and leave comments as we go.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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