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{February 8, 2010}   Cheers! – Here’s a teaser

Hi Everyone.

This is not an actual blog post.  Its just a teaser to a blog post.  I wanted to say hi and tell you what a STRESSFUL week I’m having.  Well, It started last week, but its leaking over.

Right now I’m sitting here with a glass of malbec and its the first time all day I’m not frantically answering emails and running about time trying to take care of muffin Company business.  I can’t stay long because I’ve been waiting for my man mate to get done working and hang out with me for a few moments before I’m off to bed, and he just finished up.  I have another early rise tomorrow to bake muffins.

If you aren’t aware, I have (or rather had) a muffin company ( until about a week ago. We’re shutting it down.  So.. while I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things (like napping, and yoga), and I’ve already taken a new job (or 2 or 3) there is more work to do than ever.  And my hearts not in it.  My life has simply put become a scheduling nightmare.

Ok! So all that aside here’s a brief recap of last week, and a teaser of the blogs to come for you to look forward to.

Last week…

Rocked. I did much better with my eating AND started the Walking and Talking with Friends group on Facebook…we had our first group walk on Sunday. YAY super fun.

That being said you can expect 3 blogs this coming week if I can get my schedule straightened out a bit.

1. Double Boobs! You’re gonna love that one.  Its all about that phenomenon that plagues women around the world as they gain weight and their bras don’t fit them anymore.  In this blog you will actually get to see a picture of my real life boobs…in a bra of course.   Bet you can’t wait for that one huh?

2. The walking and talking with friends group and first walk blog.  It was awesome, I’ll give you the recap.

3. Week 6’s Bioslifeslim weight/fat loss update.

All very exciting stuff I assure you.

Keep your eyes peeled.

and I’m toasting you right now so lift up your glass and say CHEERS!


Skinny Kari


Shame, Shame, Shame on me!

My Daily Diet

First of all, its WAYYY past Monday.  Which is when I weigh in and take measurement and it is also the day I am supposed to update this blog for your viewing pleasure.  Second of all, it was yet another week of binging out on fast food.  Pizza three times this week (Thanks Linda for leaving those boxes of pepperoni in my fridge), Hot dogs and burgers.  Not to mention the celebratory mimosas at brunch on Sunday and… well… whatever!  Lets face it I blew it. So much so that I haven’t wanted to write this blog.   What kind of roll model am I anyway?  How am I to show you how great my Bios Life Slim is if all I do is eat junk food and neglect to work out?  yeah. I know. Not cool.

Now that you’ve gotten the full effect of my confession I’d like to lay down the results of the week.

I weighed in at 141. Thats down a whole pound and a half which I think has GOT to be a fluke.  My chest measurement went back up 1/2 an inch to 31.5 and my bust and hips are both down 1/2 and inch to 38 and 38.25 respectively. Everything else is the same.

Not bad considering.  If this had been PRE Bios Life Slim I’m pretty sure I’d be up 3 pounds.

Here are my goals for this week – and even though I’m half way through the week already, I’m not going to let you in on my progress with them just yet.

1. Drink More water

2. Eat more vegetables


4. Get some exercize. (at least 3 days worth)

On a far more positive note, I did start a walking group which is totally exciting me.  its designed to get us all out there on the town moving around and making new friends.  This is in support of my 2010 intention to take better care of myself and to spend more time on relationships and less time on work. Our first group walk is scheduled for Sunday February 7 at 9am.  The meeting place is Auditorium shores by Zach Scott Theatre.  Please join us.  Let me know if you’re coming so we don’t leave without you.

Alrighty…thats all I’ve got for now! Sorry for the boring post.  I promise to be more interesting in future posts.


Skinny (-er but making shameful food choices) Kari

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