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{March 2, 2010}   Hello World, I’m back from Hell.

Wow.  So much for the teaser huh?  I know its been three weeks.  Thanks for being patient.

I’m not sure i can convey to you what the last three weeks have looked like for me.   The last little blog teaser was a glimpse at the light at the end of my tunnel, but it was merely a small break in the clouds of workaholism before the onslaught of the storm.  and wow. What a storm.

Basically for the last three weeks I worked.  I worked every single day. Some days from 2am until 7pm, others from 6 – 6, one day I actually worked from 2am until 10pm and finally got to sleep at 1am.  That was one hell of a full day for me starting with baking in the morning, going to work at Chris’ Litt le Chicago at noon, leaving there at 5 and transforming myself into something “fabulous” and then running off to help my favorite former employer and good friend Charles, host a table at Art Night Austin. I was averaging 4.5 hours of sleep a night, and had, oh about 2 nervous breakdowns.  To top it all off, I didn’t even call my very own niece on her Birthday.  Which Sucks.

My intention for this year being to focus more on relationships and on taking better care of myself took a sour turn for the worse over the last three weeks and I abandoned all friends, all family and all projects just to get through those final days at the muffin trolley.  Sunday was it my friends.  The muffin maker is on repreive.  No more muffins for me.  Time to kick it and bring the focus back to its intended path.

I still intend to fulfill my blogosphere promise of the last teaser and show you my boobs, tell you about the walking and talking with friends group and give you a bioslife slim update, AND I’ve got a few other topics up my sleeve to tell you about. But first…I’m going out to dinner to celebrate 6 years of loving the most amazing man I’ve ever met.  Without him I’m pretty sure this blog wouldn’t be getting written.  Muffins would not have been made and I certainly wouldn’t have survived those two nervous breakdowns.  Thanks Norman.  Happy Anniversary (whatever day it really is on)

Thanks everybody for standing by. More tomorrow.

Much Love,

a fast recovering S. Kari

Relationships, health and Joy.


Jaimee says:

Welcome Back from Hell! I’m glad that terrible and stressful period of your life is over…and now you can focus on the important things…YOU, your family, and your friends.
Looking forward to the BOOB post!

Cynthia says:

Life is a messy roller coaster, ups, down and wild turns….relationships are the glue that keeps us going even AT FULL SPEEED or in reverse at times…’s all about the experience and sharing that expierince with those we love the most…..glad Norm was there for you!…..much love

Ingrid says:

Good grief, you are a busy chic! Anyway…

Sometimes we just need to step back and realize. Get up, brush yourself off, be grateful, and keep going. Exactly what you are doing 🙂

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