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{March 23, 2010}   The weed eater saved my purse

As I was working in the yard today, I got to thinking about money.  Shouldn’t I just PAY someone to do this?  Well if you’ve been reading along, you may already know that I recently shut down my business, and while I’m working now and doing just fine, I’m not exactly in a position to be spending any extra cash.  We have a lawnmower, weed eater (gas powered at that) and even a leaf blower.  To my utter surprise and enjoyment we even had some lawn and leaf bags in the shed. So I set out to do the lawn myself…and saved the $40 bucks some random guy would’ve charged me to show up and do it half as well as I did it myself.

On a slim note (since thats what this blog is SUPPOSED to be about)…Doing my own yard work counts as a work out for the day.  According to THIS article, I  burned about 500 calories, mowing, edging, raking and bagging up the leaves in my front yard.  That Freakin Rocks!! So not only did I save the money I would’ve spent on a landscaper, I also saved the money I would’ve spent on a yoga class or at the gym!

Lets just say I rock. (I also moved a bunch of rock ha ha)

All that saving in mind got me curious though, about what other people are spending their money on.  I’d love to hear what you waste your cash on each day/month/week or year.  If your biggest Item isn’t on the list feel free to add it.

Thanks Y’all.



getyouprepared says:

Ammo! Wait that’s not NON essential…

Ok motorcycle parts!

Neil says:

The only non-essential I just will not ever give up is fresh cut flowers. Need to get roses for my sweetie every once in a while, and there is no substitute or making do without.

Awwww. You are too sweet. Kindra is a lucky woman!!

Jaimee says:

I hope all that work in the garden didn’t leave you too sore! I always get really sore from crouching and weeding. An old yoga teacher of mine published a beautiful little book of yoga poses (which she and a friend did the art work for too) called Yoga for Gardeners- You can do your own stretches to prepare for and recoup from your garden and yard work!
As we walk all over every city we visit (and yell NO to every rickshaw/tuk-tuk/taxi driver) I try to encourage myself by telling myself how much exercise I’m getting, plus I’m sweating which means I’m a “calorie furnace” which is what Nikki and I would call it when we would do long winter walks…

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