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{March 24, 2010}   Beauty is more than Skin Deep… so is this blog post.

At the beginning of this year I decided, no, I CHOSE to give up my business. I gave it my best shot. I worked A LOT. I made some new friends and I think I made a pretty good name for myself, but after 2 years of 16 hour days and not getting to see those friends who helped get me started, my family or my man mate I chose to give it up.

With that in mind I have now chosen to focus my life in another direction. My two main intentions are to focus on my relationships and taking care of myself. This blog’s intention is also to focus on those two same intentions of my life.

The first is obvious. Taking care of myself. The name of the blog shows that….Skinny Kari… I’m trying to drop a few pounds, and I’m chronicling my trials, tribulations and successes here for you all to see. I also intend to touch on other health points along the way, like eating and exercise, but alas I’ve just gotten started so I haven’t got that far just yet. Stay tuned, its coming.

For tonights blog though I want to introduce more thoroughly the second aspect of both my new focus, AND this blog, and that is relationships. What does that mean anyway and what relationships am I focusing on? The answer? All of them. That may seem like a pretty big step but I don’t really think it is.

I wanted to start first of course, at home, with Norman. So far so good. All the crazy hours and the constantly being on call to the muffin trolley had started to wear on Norman and my working 16 hours a day had started making me a bit cranky. Those two things do not make for a life full of romance and bliss. Norman is amazing and extraordinarily patient, so to my utter amazement and PURE bliss, he didn’t leave me. That being said, just because he didn’t leave me doesn’t mean I don’t have some making up to do. Since leaving the trolley, we’ve spent a lot more time together and we’ve both gotten a lot more sleep. We’ve had some long talks and have started actively working on and planning the direction of our life together. We’ve also gone out with friends, cooked a few meals, slept in and had more sex. As I said, so far so good.

That brings us to the next relationship focus…Family. It was my intention to go spend the summer with my Mom, Sister and Niece and get in some true family time. Unfortunately, its not in the cards, financially, quite yet. For now I’ll have to settle for staying on those weekly phone calls and paying closer attention to what’s important in their lives, However Norman and I are planning a longer than the usual 5 days at Christmas, trip to go up and spend some time this summer. I am also focusing on getting to know Norman’s family (the “outlaws” – since we’re not married they can’t be “inlaws”) better and have gone into business with my Dad and step mom. Thats bringing us together in new ways for sure. Gail (my step mom) and I have probably had more conversations in the last 2 months than we’ve had in the last 3 years and its great! She’s great! and I love that we have this mutual project we can all brain storm together.

Last but no least, my final relationship focus, is my relationship with you. My friends, old and new. I truly believe (and always have) that relationships…true connections… are the most important thing we have in this world. I believe it is our purpose here on this planet. Relationships, true, solid, real, deep relationships are what make this life worth living. Knowing people, and loving them for who they are. Knowing you have someone to count on and feeling the satisfaction of knowing others can count on you when its needed. Knowing you are not alone in this world, and that none of us are. Knowing that you can love each other despite the differences we all have in political view points, in sexual orientation, in color, religion, creed, career, or even geographic location. Building communities. I mean isn’t that why we are all glued to this glowing box? and that glowing hand held device we carry around? Isn’t that why we are constantly watching movies, listening to music? staring at the news? Aren’t we all just searching for that connection? I think the answer is yes.

Its with that in mind that I write these blog posts. I don’t do it just to hear myself talk…I can do that without a machine I assure you. I write these words on this screen because I want to put myself out there for you to get to know me…the real me..the raw me. I hope I can entertain you, and I hope I can sometimes inspire you. At the very least I hope that I am giving you someone to relate to so that you know you are not alone out there in the world and so you know that other people are going through things like you are.

What I’d like…what I hope for in return…is for you to read this…and respond, to reach out, to connect with me. Tell me if you found what I’ve presented useful or at least amusing or even stupid. I’d like this blog not only to be a forum for my silly rants, and a chronicle of my losing fat (and sometimes not losing fat), but also an open forum …an opportunity for us to get to know each other.

Are you listening? Are you out there? What do you care about? What do you want to hear? Talk to me. Invite your friends. Drop a line and let me know.

Much Love,


Jaimee says:

You are truly beautiful! I’m glad that things are settling in at home and you’ve been taking some time to sleep (and do other things in the bedroom too!).

We miss you and are sorry to hear that your summer won’t be spent on the Cape- but we look forward to the next time we get to see you!

love you!

Your Kimi says:

I love you. You are special. Don’t forget that there is a rather tall, rather pale, rather goofy woman across the state who loves you no matter what happens in our lives. You are my Brown Eyed Girl.

Brendan says:

Hey K,

FWIW I’m on a bit of the same journey as you – taking some time off to get my health (physical mainly but some burnout too) back up to what it was when I was living.


Deanne says:

Yo! I read it, I care. Let’s walk! 🙂

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