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{March 25, 2010}   Slow Start or Screeching Halt…My fat loss plateau

Not too long ago I received an email from Lana Leslie, one of the many successful and cheerful folks in my Bio’s Life Slim upline, addressing the issue of “Getting a slow start” using Bio’s Life Slim.  I personally did not have a slow start.  I lost 6 pounds and over three inches in my first month and a half using the product. However.  I did then hit a plateau.  That in mind I read her email with interest.  What gives?  Why am I not seeing more results with slim?

Lana’s email outlined some key points that slow down the fat loss progress. Here are some direct quotes from her email that really got me thinking.

Bios Life Slim WILL work for you!  Occasionally, however, there are people who do not see desired results as fast as others.  Why is that?  First off, know that Bios Life Slim is not on trial as it has already been clinically “tried” & validated by millions of dollars of peer-reviewed science, which is what allows it to even be listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference!

Secondly, some factors that may be affecting your success outside the control of the product are…

  • Lack of compliance with the instructions (especially the 4/4/12 Rule)
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Improper nutrition (high fat, high carb diets & a low protein breakfast).

Remember, Bios Life Slim is not a caloric restricted diet with stimulants nor is it a drug that pounds your body into submission!  It is a gentle product that works WITH THE BODY to naturally allow the body to function the way it was originally designed to (in a perfect world).  So, the weight you lose, the cholesterol you drop or the blood glucose levels you stabilize are as a result of a natural process & NOT the result of a forced, drug-induced reaction that is temporary!  Bios Life Slim actually helps RE-EDUCATE the body, over time, to once again burn its own stored excess energy (fat) that leads to better health!

These are 5 steps to help you see more results when drinking Bios Life Slim…

  • Hydrate -> make sure you are getting 50% of your body weight in ounces, (ex., weigh 140lbs, drink 70ozs/day)
  • Be active
  • Get enough sleep
  • Good nutrition – make intelligent choices
  • Cleanse.

Lana has been using Bios Life Slim since November 19 and has dropped 10lbs and 5% of her body fat. May not sound like much, but she is only 5’, small boned, and started at 119lbs and a tight size 8.  Today she is 109lbs and into her size 4’s!  She is so very happy –  as would I be if I were wearing size 4’s!! If you are interested in learning more about Bios Life Slim check out the links on the right hand side of the blog.

Regardless of whether or not you are using slim, any ONE of the above factors DO affect your ability to lose fat, they also affect your general health. In my case I had not just one of those factors at play, but many.

In the beginning of February, the onslaught of stress, additional sleep deprivation, and inability to stay on track with taking my slim correctly sent my fat loss progress into a tailspin as I closed down my business, starting a new job at the same time and was trying desperately to maintain my composure while narrowly avoiding a nervous breakdown.

I was getting barely 4 hours of sleep each night, eating at random hours whatever I could grab and basically working from wake up to sleep time. I have been taking my slim randomly. Sometimes once a day, sometimes twice, sometimes not at all. I have never in my life been more stressed out, not even when I went through boot camp for the US Army. Being that stressed out also affects your hormones, which I experienced with the erratic behavior of my menstrual cycle last month. Excercize during this period was completely out of the question, unattainable…I tried not to even think about it.

Well March is here, Thank God! The crunch time is done and I’m making great strides in my effort to get back on track with my life.  Both my acupuncturist and my Man Mate assure me that it will take some time to recover and that I should not expect to be perfectly back to normal after only two weeks of working just one job…but per usual..I am pushing to see results even with relaxation.  (Can you say Type A?)

To read more about my plan to get my “Skinny Ass” back on track, and to get tips for getting your own self back on track, Visit the next blog called “Getting this Skinny Ass Moving”.


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