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{April 1, 2010}   Feeling Fabulous

Well everyone I’m finally back on track.  Its been a solid week of drinking water, doing yoga, having breakfast with my man mate and accomplishing goals. I haven’t managed to quit my hot dog habit just yet, but I’ve even started walking to work (though I’ve only done it once so far…ha! next week it will be a habit just like the yoga), and am back on track with walking with friends Mainly just Deanne and Maria so far, but I’m open to new folks too.

While I’ve not lost another pound, I have lost another half inch in my hips and bust, and I’m feeling leaner and more energetic by the minute. I’m really getting excited about the products again.  Its amazing what happens when you follow instructions!! 😉 Anyhow loosing six pounds and three inches in your waist, bust, and rib cage (make that 3.5 inches now) without dieting are nothing to sneeze at so I’m wondering why I was getting so discouraged.  I guess all that stress was weighing me down!!

Just for kicks here are some updated photos for you.  I wouldn’t call these after pics, but maybe progress pics. I clearly still have some work to do on my belly fat but HEY look at that waist that was missing in the before shots!! HI WAIST! So nice to see you again!

Thanks for following along and all your encouragement.

With Much Love and Renewed Enthusiasm,

Skinny Kari


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Deanne says:

Hey Chica – glad you are feeling fabulous. I think you are fabulous too – and am enjoying our walks! Let’s go again soon. xoxo Deanne

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