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Skinny Kari

That would be me!

Hi, I’m Karisa (Kari for short).  I’m in my mid thirties, live in Austin, Texas and absolutely love my life.  I live with my Man Mate, Norman and two room mates (Rik and Sarah –  who are not a couple). This is all very European and extremely economical I assure you.   In my spare time, which I don’t get enough of, I enjoy camping, hiking, floating on the Guadalupe river, taking walks, reading, painting, doing Reiki, and entertaining friends.  More than anything I love to cook and more importantly I LOVE to EAT!  But Alas, this is not an online dating profile, so enough about all that.

Not too long ago my Dad introduced me to a new product and business opportunity.  He’s been doing this more and more lately as he feels sure there is a better way to make money in this world than busting our asses 24/7 365.  At first I was more than a little bit skeptical.  The first product he introduced me to was an energy drink…No thank you.  Not interested.  The next was a skin care system, very good, very high end, very NOT FOR ME (he even said so) and finally and he introduced me to this last product, a unique natural fat loss product that helps to lower cholesterol, triglicerides and regulate blood glucose levels.  Hmmmm.  Fat loss huh? Natural? Ok I’m listening. (still skeptical)

Not really into the whole network marketing idea and REALLY not into spending money I told my Dad that if he thought these products were so great he should send me some to try, for FREE. (He can afford it I promise)  I told him that If the products are as  great as he says they are, I would probably jump on the bandwagon.  I’ve been trying to lose the 15 lbs I gained opening my own bakery for about 6 months now but to no avail. I was doing Weight Watchers for the three months leading up until Thanksgiving which has worked wonders for me in the past, but this time..well not so much.   I managed to shave off 5 pounds in the 3 months.  Three of those pounds made a rapid return after 5 days with my mom over Turkey day. The other two, plus an additional 1.5 arrived after a long weekend of tamales for breakfast, 3 martini lunches, and big dinners never excluding dessert with Norman’s family over Christmas.  I figure If I can lose weight without changing my diet and/or working out, I will totally be able to sell the @#% out of this stuff AND since I’ve been a little tight on the cash lately that didn’t sound so bad either.

To my utter surprise, (no offense dad), he totally sent me some.  I tried it.  Within 3 days of using the product correctly, I started noticing some MAJOR differences in my world.  This blog Is to chronicle my new adventures in business with my dad, and the dropping of the pounds and inches I’ve so longed to shed. I hope you’ll find this blog entertaining, inspirational and in more than one way helpful to your own life.

Please follow along and enjoy the ride.  I sincerely look forward to hearing your feedback on my posts.

Much Love,

Skinny Kari


Skinny on the Way Aunt Jules says:

Hi Skinny Kari,

I am using BiosSlim as well. Your dad is in the process of getting my order in toe! We do need to exercise though Kari. Just as soon as the weather turns….I’m going to do the tennis thing, Can you believe I am able to play tennis again….I’m thrilled. Want to shed those 20-25 pounds which I gained from steroids, and the munchies…if you know what I mean darlin’. Will gladly share in this with you. Love you dearly missy!

Hi Jules! Thanks for following along and participating. YES we DO need to exercise. Everyone does! Its just plain good for you. HOWEVER, Like you I really haven’t had the time, or the inclination. Especially with this unseasonably frigid weather we’ve been having in Austin.
That being said, since I’ve started the slim I’ve had a lot more energy. I walked over three miles twice last week and am hoping to continue the process. I’m hoping to start a walking and talking girls group here in Austin. Its one of my intentions to rekindle friendships and relationships this year as well as take better care of myself so I thought that might be a good way to do it. I’ll post more about it as I flesh it out..
I can’t wait to hear about your progress with slim. We can share in the joy of getting skinny and healthier together.
Love you mucho!!

Joy says:

GO Karisa! Keep the updates coming!

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