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{April 12, 2010}   Visualize Whirrled Peas!

Whirrled Peas. World Peace. How bout just 10 pounds off the scale in my bathroom when I step on it in the morning?  When combined with other weight loss techniques (for instance your bios life slim), visualization his said to have been proven to vastly improve the chances of successful weight loss.  If you can see it, you can be it.  and all that “ra ra” stuff.

Starting today I will be visualizing stepping on my scale and seeing it read 131 pounds instead of the 141.5 it appears to be stuck at.  I’m not sure how I keep looking thinner, and my clothes keep being roomier and yet that scale stays the same.  I know I should be thrilled with a flatter tummy and a little less jiggle in the trunk, but I still want the scale to move.

Lets see how it goes.  I will spend 3 dedicated minutes every morning after my yoga for a month visualizing my scale reading lighter and see if it works.  Anyone want to join me in this charade? If so read on past the closing for some visualization tips and techniques I stole from another blog.

Love ya! Mean it!

Skinny K

Some notes before you begin.

Remain positive no matter what. In practicing any techniques that are designed to help you manifest your desires it is important to remember that the Universe Knows Best.  Do the meditation with your full reverence and energy and then just allow the Laws of Attraction and other subtle laws of the Universe to work their magic for you.

Guided Weight Loss Visualization Meditation w/ 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing Technique:

  • Set your alarm or other time device for 3 to 11 minutes.  You may wish to start with 3 and then build up to 11.
  • Lie on your back comfortably,  ( I actually sit up against the walls with my legs crossed in a yoga like position…however you are most comfortable is fine) close your eyes and begin 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing (3srb) as follows.
  • 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing: Without changing the quantity of air you normally take in, start to breathe in and out to the following rhythm.  3 seconds for the inhalation and 2 seconds for the exhalation.  So 5 seconds per complete breath.  This will mean you are breathing at 12 breaths per minute (down from 15-17 you normally do).  In addition, have your chest and abdomen rise and fall together as you inhale and exhale respectively.
  • Spend at least 1-2 minutes just doing 3SRB to establish the rhythm and then move forward.  Your mind and body should now be relaxed and everything should be ripe to receive your intentions.
  • Now while immersed in this rhythmic breath begin the visualization meditation below.
  • Without animosity to the fat cells of your body (as they are a part of you), visualize a white light entering from the soles of your feet.  Imagine now this light traveling up your body slowly and as it moves up it is dissolving fat deposits and reshaping those regions.  For areas where you carry excess weight spend more time.  All the time keeping up 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing.
  • Once the light has reached the very top of your head, inhale deeply, hold your breath and visualize your body exactly as you would like it to be.  Make sure when you visualize your body shape you are also sending the message of being not just slim and trim, but, also healthy and fit.
  • You may repeat the visualization meditation a few times if you like.
  • Once you complete your last visualization meditation cycle, try to think of nothing and just remain silently empty, only doing the 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing.

Hints & Tips for Weight Loss Visualization Meditation w/ 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing Technique:

  • When doing the visualization concentrate on the light and its action on the body and allow the 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing to happen by default if possible.
  • At the end really concentrate on doing the 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing and try to just relax as much as possible.  It takes some time to master 3SRB so don’t worry if you can’t do it perfectly right off the bat.

The above tips were taken from another blog…you can read the entire article by clicking HERE.

I would like to add that if you are not comfortable with envisioning yourself with white light melting away the pounds, you can visualize other things.  As I said, I will be visualizing the scale with lower numbers.  I already see my fat melting away so I’m cool with that part.  You could also envision yourself running on the beach in a bikini, or whatever it is you wish you were in shape enough to do.  Running around with your kids,  Wearing those skinny jeans you put away two years ago.  The idea is to get into a relaxed state and just see what you want to be.  Create that and it will come.   Again, lets see if it works.  Let me know if you’ll join me.  Print off a calendar from your office suite and check off the days. We’ll start together tomorrow and Compare notes next month on May 13th.

Good Luck! xoxo

{April 1, 2010}   Feeling Fabulous

Well everyone I’m finally back on track.  Its been a solid week of drinking water, doing yoga, having breakfast with my man mate and accomplishing goals. I haven’t managed to quit my hot dog habit just yet, but I’ve even started walking to work (though I’ve only done it once so far…ha! next week it will be a habit just like the yoga), and am back on track with walking with friends Mainly just Deanne and Maria so far, but I’m open to new folks too.

While I’ve not lost another pound, I have lost another half inch in my hips and bust, and I’m feeling leaner and more energetic by the minute. I’m really getting excited about the products again.  Its amazing what happens when you follow instructions!! 😉 Anyhow loosing six pounds and three inches in your waist, bust, and rib cage (make that 3.5 inches now) without dieting are nothing to sneeze at so I’m wondering why I was getting so discouraged.  I guess all that stress was weighing me down!!

Just for kicks here are some updated photos for you.  I wouldn’t call these after pics, but maybe progress pics. I clearly still have some work to do on my belly fat but HEY look at that waist that was missing in the before shots!! HI WAIST! So nice to see you again!

Thanks for following along and all your encouragement.

With Much Love and Renewed Enthusiasm,

Skinny Kari


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{March 25, 2010}   Getting my Skinny Ass Moving

A brief recap from the previous blog “Slow Start or Screaching Halt – My Fat Loss Plateau.”

In the beginning of February, the onslaught of stress, additional sleep deprivation, and inability to stay on track with taking my slim correctly sent my fat loss progress into a tailspin as I closed down my business, starting a new job at the same time and was trying desperately to maintain my composure while narrowly avoiding a nervous breakdown.

I was getting barely 4 hours of sleep each night, eating at random hours whatever I could grab and basically working from wake up to sleep time. I have been taking my slim randomly. Sometimes once a day, sometimes twice, sometimes not at all. I have never in my life been more stressed out, not even when I went through boot camp for the US Army. Being that stressed out also affects your hormones, which I experienced with the erratic behavior of my menstrual cycle last month. Exercise during this period was completely out of the question, unattainable…I tried not to even think about it.

Well March is here, Thank God! The crunch time is done and I’m making great strides in my effort to get back on track with my life.  Both my acupuncturist and my Man Mate assure me that it will take some time to recover and that I should not expect to be perfectly back to normal after only two weeks of working just one job…but per usual..I am pushing to see results even with relaxation.  (Can you say Type A?)

So here is my plan.

  1. Drink More Water
  2. Get More Sleep
  3. Move my “Skinny” Ass.

So far I’ve got the more sleep down.  I’ve been getting between 7 and 9 hours a night!

Next…drink more water.  My new water plan goes like this.

  1. Drink 1 16 oz glass of water before bed, refill glass and place on nightstand
  2. Before getting out of bed, drink the next 16oz glass of water.
  3. Insert hygiene / wake up ritual here
  4. Take Slim, Make breakfast (high protein of course + a cup of coffee) and drink 1 more 16oz glass of water.

That takes care of 6 of the required 8 glasses of water a day.  I easily take down 2 more at work with a bottle of water, or just sitting around the house.  Water Ritual Success!! I’ve been doing it every day for about a week and a half now.  Its going great and I’m feeling MUCH MUCH better.

Now that I’ve got the sleep situation, and water ritual under control, its time to get moving.  UGH. Work OUT? I don’t wanna! For whatever reason..I hate working out.  I hate sweating.  I am NOT a gym rat.  I know, I’ve been told, that if you do it every day you get addicted to it, but let me tell you.. I WAS IN THE ARMY!!  I DID do it everyday..and I hated it every SINGLE day. I was in great shape.  I ran miles and miles and miles.  I never got used to it and I never liked it.

Here’s what I do like.

  1. I love yoga.  Yoga saved me during culinary school.  It gives me balance, it gives me energy, it makes me feel more connected and focused. I freaking love it.
  2. I like walking.  Did you know that walking at a brisk pace gives you 90 percent of the benefits running does AND its easier on your joints? Walking is nice, and it gets me outside.
  3. I love to be outside. Hot or cold, sun or clouds..outside is good.  If I could figure out how to see my laptop screen in the bright Texas sunshine, I’d be out there right now.
  4. I would rather talk with my friends than do any kind of exercise. I hate to be alone. I am a social creature.  Exercizing with friends makes me infinitely more successful because of the added bonus of jaw jacking.

In order for an exercise program to be successful, I truly believe that you have to like what you are doing.  If you hate running, don’t run.  If you hate lifting weights, don’t lift weights.  There are other ways to get exercise I promise.

It is my intention to move my body everyday in one form or another. Starting TODAY. (I have in fact already started, even before today but I wasn’t commuted to a daily ritual until today. I’ll write another post about rituals here very shortly.  I’m learning all about them from a life success coach named Eban Pagen as I take his “wake up productive” 90 days to a twice a productive you course Its really useful and pretty inspiring)

Here’s how I’m gonna do it.

1. YOGA!! As previously discussed I love Yoga.  I also enjoy pilates, Nia, and dance of all kinds. If you haven’t looked into taking yoga classes I recommend you at least try it once.  Its amazing. The one downside to yoga classes is that they are really really expensive.  A monthly unlimited yoga memebership at a studio can cost anywhere from  $99.00 – $150.00 a month. UGH.  No thanks. Not an added cost my current lifestyle is willing to bear.  That being said I am trying to make yoga part of my daily ritual, so I went on a search and found, to my utmost BLISS
I love, LOVE, love this website. Membership cost not $10.00 a class, but $10.00 a MONTH!! Beautiful videos…unlimited access…yoga whenever I want. I’m totally in. I’ve been doing the classes in the morning as part of my “morning ritual” Just after brushing my teeth and just before breakfast. Its awesome. It gives me energy to start the day, it gets the blood flowing, and clears my mind. Its perfect. My yoga online rocks because they have SO many classes. Beginning to advanced, small workshops and varied lengths of time. So if I’m in a hurry I just do a 15 minute class, and if its my day off I can do a full on 90 minute, get down to the nitty gritty class. They also have pilates, belly dancing capoiera, and more. This is a great way, my favorite so far, to get my Skinny Ass moving.

2. If I’ve skipped yoga for some reason I sometimes I walk to work. If its a nice day I’m all for it. It takes me about 30 minutes to get there, and when I arrive I’ve had plenty of time to think and clear the cobwebs out of my brain and I’m ready to rock and roll. I realize this isn’t an option for most people as many of you live pretty far from work, or in bad weather for a lot of the year, but its good for me. If you live within a couple of miles from your workplace, I recommend it. Its refreshing and gives you a new perspective on the world. You smell things you don’t smell in your car, good and bad. You see things from new angles (ground level), you have more time to look around, and you have more time to think. You may even get to interact with OTHER people. Surprisingly most people are nice. I think we spend too much time avoiding “strangers”. America is becoming Isolationist…get out of your house people. If you life too far to walk to work, you can get some walking in by simply NOT searching for the closest possible parking spot when you go shopping.  Park as far away as you can.  Sprinkle your life with these mini workouts.  It all adds up and its kind of fun to watch peoples faces as you pass rows of empty spaces to get as far away as possible and then briskly walk in as if you’re running late.  😉

3. I’m doing my own yard work. Raking, Mowing, bagging leaves, weed eating and trimming the shrubs are all a great work out. You can read about it in my post The weed eater saved my purse from a couple of days ago. There’s even a link there that will tell you how many calories you burn doing yard work. You can do other household chores briskly too, to burn more calories, or take on a project like painting your privacy fence, re-staining the deck or the pick nick table, or simply scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. In addition to getting some exercise, you will also have the satisfaction of beautifying your homestead. I highly recommend this.

4. Walking and Talking with friends. I started a group called walking and talking with friends. Its where a group of us get together at a predetermined location and meet new people while we walk around and get some exercise. This is good for me because, like I said, I’d rather talk than work out. Talking makes me forget I’m getting exercise. I slacked off a bit on the follow up with this group over the last stressful month, but I’m about to get it started again, so let me know if you are interested. You can join the group to get all the updates by visiting the facebook fan page HERE.

There you have it folks…I’m moving my skinny ass.  All rituals take at least 30 days of doing them every day to become habit, but once they are ingrained you just won’t be able to live with out them.  I am totally going to make moving a ritual.  I’m keeping a calander and checking off the days until my ritual has been ingrained as a habit.  The Yoga is the one think I intend to do every single day.  Everything else will be added benifit.

Inspired? I hope so.  Join me in my daily yoga ritual by signing up for MyYogaOnline and see how it makes you feel to get that blood flowing in the morning.

Want to join me for a walk? Drop me a line or join the Walking and Talking with Friends Group.

Let me know what you are doing to get your skinny ass moving.  Leave a comment below.

Love Ya, Mean It!

Skinny Kari

Not too long ago I received an email from Lana Leslie, one of the many successful and cheerful folks in my Bio’s Life Slim upline, addressing the issue of “Getting a slow start” using Bio’s Life Slim.  I personally did not have a slow start.  I lost 6 pounds and over three inches in my first month and a half using the product. However.  I did then hit a plateau.  That in mind I read her email with interest.  What gives?  Why am I not seeing more results with slim?

Lana’s email outlined some key points that slow down the fat loss progress. Here are some direct quotes from her email that really got me thinking.

Bios Life Slim WILL work for you!  Occasionally, however, there are people who do not see desired results as fast as others.  Why is that?  First off, know that Bios Life Slim is not on trial as it has already been clinically “tried” & validated by millions of dollars of peer-reviewed science, which is what allows it to even be listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference!

Secondly, some factors that may be affecting your success outside the control of the product are…

  • Lack of compliance with the instructions (especially the 4/4/12 Rule)
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Improper nutrition (high fat, high carb diets & a low protein breakfast).

Remember, Bios Life Slim is not a caloric restricted diet with stimulants nor is it a drug that pounds your body into submission!  It is a gentle product that works WITH THE BODY to naturally allow the body to function the way it was originally designed to (in a perfect world).  So, the weight you lose, the cholesterol you drop or the blood glucose levels you stabilize are as a result of a natural process & NOT the result of a forced, drug-induced reaction that is temporary!  Bios Life Slim actually helps RE-EDUCATE the body, over time, to once again burn its own stored excess energy (fat) that leads to better health!

These are 5 steps to help you see more results when drinking Bios Life Slim…

  • Hydrate -> make sure you are getting 50% of your body weight in ounces, (ex., weigh 140lbs, drink 70ozs/day)
  • Be active
  • Get enough sleep
  • Good nutrition – make intelligent choices
  • Cleanse.

Lana has been using Bios Life Slim since November 19 and has dropped 10lbs and 5% of her body fat. May not sound like much, but she is only 5’, small boned, and started at 119lbs and a tight size 8.  Today she is 109lbs and into her size 4’s!  She is so very happy –  as would I be if I were wearing size 4’s!! If you are interested in learning more about Bios Life Slim check out the links on the right hand side of the blog.

Regardless of whether or not you are using slim, any ONE of the above factors DO affect your ability to lose fat, they also affect your general health. In my case I had not just one of those factors at play, but many.

In the beginning of February, the onslaught of stress, additional sleep deprivation, and inability to stay on track with taking my slim correctly sent my fat loss progress into a tailspin as I closed down my business, starting a new job at the same time and was trying desperately to maintain my composure while narrowly avoiding a nervous breakdown.

I was getting barely 4 hours of sleep each night, eating at random hours whatever I could grab and basically working from wake up to sleep time. I have been taking my slim randomly. Sometimes once a day, sometimes twice, sometimes not at all. I have never in my life been more stressed out, not even when I went through boot camp for the US Army. Being that stressed out also affects your hormones, which I experienced with the erratic behavior of my menstrual cycle last month. Excercize during this period was completely out of the question, unattainable…I tried not to even think about it.

Well March is here, Thank God! The crunch time is done and I’m making great strides in my effort to get back on track with my life.  Both my acupuncturist and my Man Mate assure me that it will take some time to recover and that I should not expect to be perfectly back to normal after only two weeks of working just one job…but per usual..I am pushing to see results even with relaxation.  (Can you say Type A?)

To read more about my plan to get my “Skinny Ass” back on track, and to get tips for getting your own self back on track, Visit the next blog called “Getting this Skinny Ass Moving”.

At the beginning of this year I decided, no, I CHOSE to give up my business. I gave it my best shot. I worked A LOT. I made some new friends and I think I made a pretty good name for myself, but after 2 years of 16 hour days and not getting to see those friends who helped get me started, my family or my man mate I chose to give it up.

With that in mind I have now chosen to focus my life in another direction. My two main intentions are to focus on my relationships and taking care of myself. This blog’s intention is also to focus on those two same intentions of my life.

The first is obvious. Taking care of myself. The name of the blog shows that….Skinny Kari… I’m trying to drop a few pounds, and I’m chronicling my trials, tribulations and successes here for you all to see. I also intend to touch on other health points along the way, like eating and exercise, but alas I’ve just gotten started so I haven’t got that far just yet. Stay tuned, its coming.

For tonights blog though I want to introduce more thoroughly the second aspect of both my new focus, AND this blog, and that is relationships. What does that mean anyway and what relationships am I focusing on? The answer? All of them. That may seem like a pretty big step but I don’t really think it is.

I wanted to start first of course, at home, with Norman. So far so good. All the crazy hours and the constantly being on call to the muffin trolley had started to wear on Norman and my working 16 hours a day had started making me a bit cranky. Those two things do not make for a life full of romance and bliss. Norman is amazing and extraordinarily patient, so to my utter amazement and PURE bliss, he didn’t leave me. That being said, just because he didn’t leave me doesn’t mean I don’t have some making up to do. Since leaving the trolley, we’ve spent a lot more time together and we’ve both gotten a lot more sleep. We’ve had some long talks and have started actively working on and planning the direction of our life together. We’ve also gone out with friends, cooked a few meals, slept in and had more sex. As I said, so far so good.

That brings us to the next relationship focus…Family. It was my intention to go spend the summer with my Mom, Sister and Niece and get in some true family time. Unfortunately, its not in the cards, financially, quite yet. For now I’ll have to settle for staying on those weekly phone calls and paying closer attention to what’s important in their lives, However Norman and I are planning a longer than the usual 5 days at Christmas, trip to go up and spend some time this summer. I am also focusing on getting to know Norman’s family (the “outlaws” – since we’re not married they can’t be “inlaws”) better and have gone into business with my Dad and step mom. Thats bringing us together in new ways for sure. Gail (my step mom) and I have probably had more conversations in the last 2 months than we’ve had in the last 3 years and its great! She’s great! and I love that we have this mutual project we can all brain storm together.

Last but no least, my final relationship focus, is my relationship with you. My friends, old and new. I truly believe (and always have) that relationships…true connections… are the most important thing we have in this world. I believe it is our purpose here on this planet. Relationships, true, solid, real, deep relationships are what make this life worth living. Knowing people, and loving them for who they are. Knowing you have someone to count on and feeling the satisfaction of knowing others can count on you when its needed. Knowing you are not alone in this world, and that none of us are. Knowing that you can love each other despite the differences we all have in political view points, in sexual orientation, in color, religion, creed, career, or even geographic location. Building communities. I mean isn’t that why we are all glued to this glowing box? and that glowing hand held device we carry around? Isn’t that why we are constantly watching movies, listening to music? staring at the news? Aren’t we all just searching for that connection? I think the answer is yes.

Its with that in mind that I write these blog posts. I don’t do it just to hear myself talk…I can do that without a machine I assure you. I write these words on this screen because I want to put myself out there for you to get to know me…the real me..the raw me. I hope I can entertain you, and I hope I can sometimes inspire you. At the very least I hope that I am giving you someone to relate to so that you know you are not alone out there in the world and so you know that other people are going through things like you are.

What I’d like…what I hope for in return…is for you to read this…and respond, to reach out, to connect with me. Tell me if you found what I’ve presented useful or at least amusing or even stupid. I’d like this blog not only to be a forum for my silly rants, and a chronicle of my losing fat (and sometimes not losing fat), but also an open forum …an opportunity for us to get to know each other.

Are you listening? Are you out there? What do you care about? What do you want to hear? Talk to me. Invite your friends. Drop a line and let me know.

Much Love,

{March 23, 2010}   The weed eater saved my purse

As I was working in the yard today, I got to thinking about money.  Shouldn’t I just PAY someone to do this?  Well if you’ve been reading along, you may already know that I recently shut down my business, and while I’m working now and doing just fine, I’m not exactly in a position to be spending any extra cash.  We have a lawnmower, weed eater (gas powered at that) and even a leaf blower.  To my utter surprise and enjoyment we even had some lawn and leaf bags in the shed. So I set out to do the lawn myself…and saved the $40 bucks some random guy would’ve charged me to show up and do it half as well as I did it myself.

On a slim note (since thats what this blog is SUPPOSED to be about)…Doing my own yard work counts as a work out for the day.  According to THIS article, I  burned about 500 calories, mowing, edging, raking and bagging up the leaves in my front yard.  That Freakin Rocks!! So not only did I save the money I would’ve spent on a landscaper, I also saved the money I would’ve spent on a yoga class or at the gym!

Lets just say I rock. (I also moved a bunch of rock ha ha)

All that saving in mind got me curious though, about what other people are spending their money on.  I’d love to hear what you waste your cash on each day/month/week or year.  If your biggest Item isn’t on the list feel free to add it.

Thanks Y’all.


Wow.  So much for the teaser huh?  I know its been three weeks.  Thanks for being patient.

I’m not sure i can convey to you what the last three weeks have looked like for me.   The last little blog teaser was a glimpse at the light at the end of my tunnel, but it was merely a small break in the clouds of workaholism before the onslaught of the storm.  and wow. What a storm.

Basically for the last three weeks I worked.  I worked every single day. Some days from 2am until 7pm, others from 6 – 6, one day I actually worked from 2am until 10pm and finally got to sleep at 1am.  That was one hell of a full day for me starting with baking in the morning, going to work at Chris’ Litt le Chicago at noon, leaving there at 5 and transforming myself into something “fabulous” and then running off to help my favorite former employer and good friend Charles, host a table at Art Night Austin. I was averaging 4.5 hours of sleep a night, and had, oh about 2 nervous breakdowns.  To top it all off, I didn’t even call my very own niece on her Birthday.  Which Sucks.

My intention for this year being to focus more on relationships and on taking better care of myself took a sour turn for the worse over the last three weeks and I abandoned all friends, all family and all projects just to get through those final days at the muffin trolley.  Sunday was it my friends.  The muffin maker is on repreive.  No more muffins for me.  Time to kick it and bring the focus back to its intended path.

I still intend to fulfill my blogosphere promise of the last teaser and show you my boobs, tell you about the walking and talking with friends group and give you a bioslife slim update, AND I’ve got a few other topics up my sleeve to tell you about. But first…I’m going out to dinner to celebrate 6 years of loving the most amazing man I’ve ever met.  Without him I’m pretty sure this blog wouldn’t be getting written.  Muffins would not have been made and I certainly wouldn’t have survived those two nervous breakdowns.  Thanks Norman.  Happy Anniversary (whatever day it really is on)

Thanks everybody for standing by. More tomorrow.

Much Love,

a fast recovering S. Kari

Relationships, health and Joy.

{February 8, 2010}   Cheers! – Here’s a teaser

Hi Everyone.

This is not an actual blog post.  Its just a teaser to a blog post.  I wanted to say hi and tell you what a STRESSFUL week I’m having.  Well, It started last week, but its leaking over.

Right now I’m sitting here with a glass of malbec and its the first time all day I’m not frantically answering emails and running about time trying to take care of muffin Company business.  I can’t stay long because I’ve been waiting for my man mate to get done working and hang out with me for a few moments before I’m off to bed, and he just finished up.  I have another early rise tomorrow to bake muffins.

If you aren’t aware, I have (or rather had) a muffin company ( until about a week ago. We’re shutting it down.  So.. while I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things (like napping, and yoga), and I’ve already taken a new job (or 2 or 3) there is more work to do than ever.  And my hearts not in it.  My life has simply put become a scheduling nightmare.

Ok! So all that aside here’s a brief recap of last week, and a teaser of the blogs to come for you to look forward to.

Last week…

Rocked. I did much better with my eating AND started the Walking and Talking with Friends group on Facebook…we had our first group walk on Sunday. YAY super fun.

That being said you can expect 3 blogs this coming week if I can get my schedule straightened out a bit.

1. Double Boobs! You’re gonna love that one.  Its all about that phenomenon that plagues women around the world as they gain weight and their bras don’t fit them anymore.  In this blog you will actually get to see a picture of my real life boobs…in a bra of course.   Bet you can’t wait for that one huh?

2. The walking and talking with friends group and first walk blog.  It was awesome, I’ll give you the recap.

3. Week 6’s Bioslifeslim weight/fat loss update.

All very exciting stuff I assure you.

Keep your eyes peeled.

and I’m toasting you right now so lift up your glass and say CHEERS!


Skinny Kari

Shame, Shame, Shame on me!

My Daily Diet

First of all, its WAYYY past Monday.  Which is when I weigh in and take measurement and it is also the day I am supposed to update this blog for your viewing pleasure.  Second of all, it was yet another week of binging out on fast food.  Pizza three times this week (Thanks Linda for leaving those boxes of pepperoni in my fridge), Hot dogs and burgers.  Not to mention the celebratory mimosas at brunch on Sunday and… well… whatever!  Lets face it I blew it. So much so that I haven’t wanted to write this blog.   What kind of roll model am I anyway?  How am I to show you how great my Bios Life Slim is if all I do is eat junk food and neglect to work out?  yeah. I know. Not cool.

Now that you’ve gotten the full effect of my confession I’d like to lay down the results of the week.

I weighed in at 141. Thats down a whole pound and a half which I think has GOT to be a fluke.  My chest measurement went back up 1/2 an inch to 31.5 and my bust and hips are both down 1/2 and inch to 38 and 38.25 respectively. Everything else is the same.

Not bad considering.  If this had been PRE Bios Life Slim I’m pretty sure I’d be up 3 pounds.

Here are my goals for this week – and even though I’m half way through the week already, I’m not going to let you in on my progress with them just yet.

1. Drink More water

2. Eat more vegetables


4. Get some exercize. (at least 3 days worth)

On a far more positive note, I did start a walking group which is totally exciting me.  its designed to get us all out there on the town moving around and making new friends.  This is in support of my 2010 intention to take better care of myself and to spend more time on relationships and less time on work. Our first group walk is scheduled for Sunday February 7 at 9am.  The meeting place is Auditorium shores by Zach Scott Theatre.  Please join us.  Let me know if you’re coming so we don’t leave without you.

Alrighty…thats all I’ve got for now! Sorry for the boring post.  I promise to be more interesting in future posts.


Skinny (-er but making shameful food choices) Kari

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